Bob begins as a studio guitarist in the middle of the 2000s for the recording studio Archipel Prod (Aix les Milles FR).

As a result 3 discs have been released during this period: his 1st solo demo album BOB OLIVER LEE - BETWEEN TIME & SPACE distributed by Musea Records & Speegra Publishing; RAFF-FISSURE album both released in 2009, and ABLAZE from the thrash metal band ABNORMALITY in 2010.

In late 2008 he is chosen as guitarist for the successful Power Pop band ALIX, a mediatic combo featuring on some TV appearances, radios and big gigs such as M6 Live. Bob remains in the band until its split in 2010 to allow the frontwoman Alix to focus on her career in acting (theatre, TV sitcoms & movies in Paris, France).

2009 09 11 OIEL PACA

ALIX (Photo: Rv Dols for Oeil PACA Magazine 2010)


Back in the south he joins the Heavy Metal band STONECAST as lead guitarist in April 2010 and contributes in the writing & composing of their 2nd album HEROIKOS, featuring RHINO (ex-MANOWAR) on drums. The album is released in November 2013 on Pitch Black Records. STONECAST plays gigs to promote its album as support band for artists such as TIM OWENS (JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH); ZAK STEVENS (CIIC, ex-SAVATAGE); BLAZE BAYLEY (ex-IRON MAIDEN), and is aslo asked to play at the very 1st french edition of the Sonisphere Fest in 2011, supporting the BIG 4 with 10 other french bands. Their 3rd album is planned for 2017 in collaboration with the producer ROY Z & FRANKY CONSTAZA (DAGOBA) on drums.

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STONECAST (Photo: Nicolas DELPIERRE 2013)


He is also committed with some other bands and projects. He begins as guest singer on the 1st album of Power Metal band GALDERIA-THE UNIVERSALITY, released in 2012 on Metalodic Records and appears as live guitarist. He definitely joins the band in January 2015 as vocalist, guitarist or bass player and performs his 1st show at the City of Power Fest in Poland supporting FREEDOM CALL in May. A great fanbase asks for the band to perform regularly in Poland and to record a Live Acoustic album on air in summer 2016 on Radio Lodz, one of the most imporant radios in the country, and featuring the Lutnia Choirs of Zgierz. GALDERIA-RADIO UNPLUGGED LIVE IN POLAND is released in april 2017. The 2nd studio album is planned for july 2017 on Massacre Records.

2015 06 06 live juin 2 GALDERIA - Live (2015)


In 2012 he is proposed to join the Experimental Thrash band NINMAH of JC, his bandmate in GALDERIA to perform clear vocals & record their 1st self-titled album released in May 2015. Between 2008 & 2012 he records his 2nd solo album under the name BOB OLIVER LEE called FLYING MUSIC, released in digipack in November 2016 on Undeground Symphony.


2015 03 29 29032015 IMG 0988

NINMAH (Photo: Nicolas GIUSTINELLI 2014)


He also records an atmospheric rock album with his ex-bandmate Verdo named QUIET HUMAN where he performs guitars ans vocals. The Album is released in digipack on Delta Mekong in Russia.

Thanks to his warm vocal style influenced by D.COVERDALE or JORN LANDE, he is chosen among others to record lead vocals for the self-titled album of DEBACKLINER in 2014. The new band becomes then a classic act on the local scene opening for BLAZE BAYLEY, ABSOLVA or even Auto-Moto Fest.

2015 04 18 Debackliner 2



The late 2016 releases of both BOB OLIVER LEE, DEBACKLINER & QUIET HUMAN allow Bob to gain about 50 positive reviews and interviewes worldwide.

With most of his bands, he joins the roster of ROCK ON AGENCY (Italian Promotion & Booking for ANDRE MATOS, FABIO LIONE, FREEDOM CALL...) that allows GALDERIA to perform with SECRET SPHERE.

Still in 2016, he is chosen among other great singers through ROCK ON AGENCY to be a live singer for JOHN MACALUSO’s clinics (ARK, SYMPHONY X, Y. MALMSTEEN, TNT...) and perform several ARK songs.

2016 04 29 a (11)

BOB & JOHN MACALUSO (Photo: Sabrina AGASUCCI 2016)


In early 2017 Bob joins the Modern Metal act THE BLACKSTONE CO. to replace their former singer and record their studio album.