Quiet Human


Credit: Vir’ Com


Quiet Human is basically the side project of Verdo (ex Galderia, Ninmah). After many years of stand by, Verdo decided to join forces with Bob in 2013 to record what will be the “Leaders to the Starry Skies” album, a compilation of folk, space, atmospheric rock songs full of emotions.

To succeed in such a task, they hired Lily Martinez a young female singer who will share lead vocals with Bob. Later joined by Max Segovia on bass (ex Sony Red) and JC Chicco (Galderia, Ninmah) on drums.

Most of the guitars were recorded at Bob’s studio and then finalised at Tom Tiberi’s Freaky Dog Studio.

The album was released as a digipack on the russian label Delta Mekong in 2016.


– Vocals: Bob Saliba, Lily Martinez, Verdo
– Guitars: Bob Saliba, Verdo, Tom Tiberi
– Bass: Max Segovia
– Drums: JC Chicco