Debackliner in 2014, Credit: Romain Barielle


Credit: Romain Barielle

Project starts in 2006, under the name “The Omega”. With a typical “classic metal” sound, the band develops its authentic style. The duo Remi/Thomas, starts a big composing process and the next 5 years the band keeps on playing around intensively.

Credit: Romain Barielle

In 2011, drummer Siger joins the band, with his long experience and his great communicative force, giving more power to the group and 2 years later The Omega gets a new singer, Jtrom, with typical death voice. This alliance allows the band to experiment new kind of music scenes, embracing a new style. In the meanwhile, Fab (guitars) quits the band, replaced by Eric, a typical old school guitarrist that makes their style still stronger.

Debackliner in 2016, Credit: Romain Barielle

It’s with this growing energy that the band will change name in DEBACKLINER. In 2014 the band enters in the studio, in order to record their first album, but Jtrom leaves the project, leaving them without a singer.

Thanks to Thomas Tiberi, the record producer and friend of the band, they meet Bob Saliba (Stonecast, Bob Oliver Lee, Galderia, Ninmah, Quiet Human…). Bob’s personality and voice convinced the band to let him be their frontman and they recorded the vocals of their debut album from july to decembre 2014.






– Vocals: Bob Saliba
– Lead Guitars: Remi Caleca
– Rhythm Guitars: Eric Luvera
– Bass: Remy Guyon
– Drums: JC Chicco